Chibougamau, Québec, Town, pop 7563 (2006c), 7922 (2001c), inc 1952. Chibougamau is situated in Nord-du-Québec region 60 km south of Lac Mistassini and 240 km northwest of Lac Saint-Jean. Chibougamau and the small city of Chapais together form a mining enclave straddling the Abitibi and Lac Saint-Jean regions. Rich deposits of copper were identified in the first decade of the 20th century but the area's isolation prevented their exploitation. After a first effort in the 1930s, extraction really began in 1949 and the city was founded 3 years later.

Chibougamau has gold and silver as well as copper. Forestry (cutting and sawmill operations) and commercial activities are also important. The town takes advantage of its northern location each year by organizing a "Folies frettes" festival and an international snowmobiling rally.