Asian Communities in Canada

Sikhs practice Seva, Thais practice merit, and followers of Islam practice Zakat: what do these beliefs share?

Between 1885 and 1923, which migrants were required to pay a head tax before being admitted into Canada?

In an attempt to immigrate to Canada in 1914, 376 Sikh passengers aboard the Komagata Maru sat in this harbour for two months before most were turned away and sent back to India.

In 1979, protests erupted across Canada when the investigative TV program W5 aired “The Campus Giveaway.” The allegations were repeated in a 2010 Maclean’s article. What did the reporting imply?

As a child during the Second World War, Raymond Moriyama was sent to the Slocan internment camp in British Columbia. More than 60 years later he is celebrated as the:

The number of immigrants from India dramatically increased after 1967 when immigration quotas were replaced with:

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Asian Communities in Canada

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